Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gate Fold Wedding/Anniversary Card

Here is a card that I have made several times now and thought I would share - it is a 6x11.5 gate fold card - made especially for a wedding or anniversary. The cartridges that I used were the Paper Doll Dress-up and George & Basic shapes. The file is sized so that the dolls will fit perfectly inside. I have grouped together the items that I wanted to cut out of the same color papers. I hope you like the file and enjoy making one of your own! By the way I also designed an envelope (made with George) and you can find that in my next blog entry!!

Envelope for Gate Card

Here is the envelope that I created to fit the 6x11.5 gate card. It was made using George.

Envelope - My 6 x 11 Gate Card - george.cut