Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've Gone to the Bees!

Well, on May 16th our two packages of Honey Bees arrived. Bees are very interesting little creatures to say the least. I now clearly understand the meaning of the phrase...Busy as a Bee! Poor little things literally work themselves to death. This ia a picture of one of the hive frames about 3 weeks after the bees were installed. They are already very busy building out the frame combs and her royal highness, Queen bee, is very busy with her only job of laying eggs. The bees are so cute when their hind legs and pollen sacs are full of pollen - I call them "The Cheetos Girls" because they look like they are carrying Cheetos on their legs - LOL
I'll update now and then on their progress - and hope to stay free of stings in the meantime! So good!

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