Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Was My Biggest Project Yet!

This most definitely was my biggest project I have yet to work on. At last count I had over 30 hours into making this ABC Baby Album. It was a gift for a co-worker expecting her first child on June 16 - she is the type of person who appreciates something "homemade" and can also understand and appreciate the time it takes to make something like this.
I made the book with the mindset that new parents are very busy and often don't have the time it takes to document the special moments in their first child's lives until later (yep, that was me, scrapbooking my kid's baby albums when they were in their early teens - LOL).
So I thought I'd give her a head start with an album all set to add the pictures!
She's a teacher - so the ABC theme was perfect. There is a page designed for each letter of the alphabet and a cute saying to go along. I then added three individual paper piecing pictures for each letter - some letters boggled my brain for a "cute" design appropriate for a baby book. Most of the piecings were cut by hand, as they were tiny and I found this actually easier than cutting them on my Cricut. Many of the patterns came from an ABC Paper Piecing Booklet that I purchased from for only $3.99 - well worth the money! Below is a link to a slide show of the book - I hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures and take time to leave me a comment! It is the comments left by you that continue to make me want to keep posting and sharing files that I create!

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judy.cristion said...

Your book is beautiful - what a gift of love.

Judy C