Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Box/Bank

Here is a cute box which can also be used as a bank. Just be sure to use really tacky tape if using this as a bank. I love Terrifically Tacky Tape for all my projects that I really need a good adhesive. I'd love to see what anyone does with this file as the embellishing ideas are endless!

Some hints for assembling:

I found it easier to embellish the house box before gluing it together because I could push the pieces down much harder than if it was already in its box shape. When scoring the scallop roof edging, score the short side at 1/4" and then turn and score the long edge at 3" (since the edging is 6" long this is half). Cut from the scalloped side just til you reach the other score mark NOT all the way through. This will allow the edging to bend over each other.

When gluing the roof on, I carefully place my hand inside the box from the bottom and this allowed me to put pressure on the house roof tabs onto the roof piece itself.

(Hopefully this wasn't confusing!)

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4paws said...

This is just too cute!! Thank you so much for the file and tips. I know this must have taken some time.