Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Hat Box

Here is a cut file for a Birthday Hat shaped box made with the Cricut and GBS cartridge. It has a side opening and can hold tiny treats inside. I also posted a picture of the scoring lines, as this may help in assembling the box.
The box is a side closure - so you can load in your goodies in the back of the box - the basic instructions are you will glue the bottom tabs on each side (for a total of 4) with a good sticky glue (I use Terrifically Tacky Tape). Do not glue the one front tab on the bottom as this will line up with the back closure. Now just load your goodies and insert the back tabs into the slots. Do not glue the side of the box! I tried one and loaded Hershey Nuggets into mine and it held up great! Also there is a straight strip on this file - it is just another option for a brim - maybe more masculine -
Boxes - My birthday hat box.cut

I hope you like!


Alice said...

Cute party hat favor!


sanadon said...

Thank you for the cut file and for your hard work.

TT said...

oh how cute. is it baby bug comp.?