Sunday, January 18, 2009

Okay, there is a story behind this one!

One day, when my son was still very small, he came across his picture that they took at the hospital of him on the day he was born. Now after being in labor for TOO many hours to count and pushing for TOO many more hours to count, I finally had an emergency C-section.

When he finally arrived, his head was quite mis-shaped from being stuck in the birth canal all that time.

So...and here's the story behind the picture. When he saw his picture for the very first time, he thought it was a picture of E.T.

We still don't let him live that moment down, and to this day (he's almost 23) we still joke about "E.T. phone home!"

Of course, being a mother, I just had to do a page on it, so he'd never, ever forget!

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